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Smart Eating Information

begins with knowing what foods are right and smart to eat, and that begins with understanding calories and what they really mean. This website endevors to give you a healthy guide to the foods you eat.

Meat, Beans, Eggs and Nuts
People should have between 2 and 3 servings from the meat food group each day. Mean and the items in this food group are excellent sources of protein, iron and zinc. One serving is typically:
  • 3 ounces (85 grams) of cooked lean meat, poultry, or fish
  • 2 to 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of dry beans (like pinto, black, or navy beans)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoon (30 to 45 milliliters) of peanut butter

Please Note: All calorie values are estimates or averages.

FoodServing SizeCalories
Fish, Red Snapper, baked3 oz95
Fish, Salmon, Atlantic3 oz155
Fish, Salmon, Chinook3 oz100
Fish, Salmon, Chum3 oz130
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye3 oz185
Fish, Salmon, baked3 oz150
Fish, Salmon, canned, pink3 oz185
Fish, Salmon, canned, red3 oz195
Fish, Salmon, pink, canned3 oz120
Fish, Salmon, smoked3 oz100
Fish, Salmon, smoked3 oz160
Fish, Sardines, canned, oil4 oz220
Fish, Sardines, canned, tomato sauce4 oz220
Fish, Sardines, canned, water4 oz155
Fish, Sea Bass, steamed3 oz85
Fish, Sea Trout, baked3 oz105
Fish, Shark, batter dipped fried3 oz195
Fish, Shark, raw3 oz110
Fish, Skate, fried, whole3 oz150
Fish, Sole, fried, no bones3 oz160
Fish, Sole, steamed3 oz70
Fish, Swordfish, baked3 oz130
Fish, Swordfish, breaded fried3 oz205
Fish, Swordfish, broiled/grilled3 oz135
Fish, Trout, baked3 oz100
Fish, Tuna Bluefin, baked/broiled3 oz210
Fish, Tuna Skipjack, baked/broiled3 oz150
Fish, Tuna, bluefin, cooked3 oz155
Fish, Tuna, canned in oil3 oz160
Fish, Tuna, canned in water3 oz100
Fish, Tuna, canned, oil3 oz190
Fish, Tuna, canned, water3 oz100
Fish, Tuna, skipjack, cooked3 oz90
Fish, Tuna, yellowfin, cooked3 oz120
Fish, Turbot, steamed3 oz75
Fish, Whitebait, fried3 oz400

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